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These are the actions that the common taxpayer fears the most. Imagine going to your bank account or getting your check and you find that it is significantly lower than it should be! The IRS will send you collection notices prior to levying your…

Property Tax Dispute

It seems like every year when you get the tax bill your property taxes go up and up!! Some local counties in TX are being very aggressive with their property tax hikes and squeezing the homeowner out of more money each year. But, YOU AS A HOMEOWNER HAVE RIGHTS! YOU CAN DISPUTE THE PROPERTY TAX HIKE IF YOU ACT TIMELY WITHIN THE GUIDELINES SET BY THE LAW!

Landlord & Tenant

Here, at the Law Firm of Keith A. Cothroll we represent both the landlord and tenant in residential tenancy evictions and other matters.



The Law Firm of Keith A. Cothroll can assist you with your contested and uncontested divorce and custody matters. We also represent clients in Applications for Protective Orders in Family Violence cases.

Business Organization

The Law Firm of Keith A. Cothroll can assist you with drafting business agreements, filing the correct paperwork and advising you what type of business structure would be best for you.


Attorney Keith Cothroll also handles consumer bankruptcy matters under Ch. 7 and 13.

The Law Firm of Keith A. Cothroll serves Houston, Katy, Conroe, Woodlands, Galveston all surrounding counties and Texas.



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